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How would it possible I describe the 70s, that I lived as a young Italian musician?

At that time we thought about changing everything, we were against the world, we looked for a method that usually was embodied into political movements, social…

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Only the dream of an individual can save the world.

For generations, educational institutions around the world have dedicated their every effort towards trying to teach “sustainable development” to the masses without having the smallest result, instead of focusing their work on the individual, on his vision, on his uniqueness.

In the economy of the future, industries and large companies operating in the social fabric will have to teach the art of dreaming, bringing and spreading the principles related to personal improvement and inner integrity of the individual. This will allow the evolution and growth of each person who is part of the company, from the managers to the last of the employees and the world of Business will be the new frontier able to inherit the knowledge of the great esoteric schools of the past. The business world will have to be aware that only through the qualitative improvement of every single cell can there be financial and economic expansion, quality will represent the only economic goal, if quality is missing, the decline will be immediate.

Success is inside you

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Close your eyes and feel in this space the freedom that surrounds you.

This state of certainty has to become permanent. Permanence means no space and no time. In timelessness, you create success because you eliminate every pitfall you may encounter. You are whole and victorious.

Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer

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