Between Nothingness and Eternity…

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The visible world of forms is just an allegory — a symbolism of invisibility, a mediator of the formlessness, a pure metaphor of your Being. It is through form that the abstract, the invisible expresses itself and becomes meaningful.

Be constantly vigilant and tirelessly alert, because slipping away from the present moment even for a second may be fatal.

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The reason why many love to practice extreme sports or dangerous activities such as crossing oceans or climbing mountains or running marathons is because it forces them to live in the present. But these experiences, depending on external efforts, will never lead them into a real state of timelessness, of freedom.

No one can set you free but yourself.

Try to touch the most painful sensation within yourself to realize that all sufferings are unnecessary and that only intentional suffering, that is suffering without suffering, can reveal all the beauty and goodness of your very nature.

Observing your inner war

The moment you observe the struggle of opposites within, your fear dies. It dies just as a seed dies and gives way to a new life. Observing your inner war without identifying with it, awakens you to a higher dimension, to a new vision, eliminating all forms of conflict and injustice in the world of events.

Observe what happens when you are negative. Notice how everything falls in the wrong place within you. Notice how much you lie and justify in negative moods and how dark everything appears to your eyes. On the other side, if you are aware of it, instantly everything changes and you’ ll feel charged with an incredible energy and vitality.

Shedding light on the darkness

Photo by Joseph D’Anna

Q. There is so much darkness present in the world at this time, what can we do to help or influence it positively?

A. There is no darkness nor evil in the world, but only your degraded inner vision projecting its own sorrow. Try to focus your attention upon the Light instead, and you will meet a powerful world surrounded by harmony and beauty. Things happen just as you want them to happen, because you are all and all is you. How can you help the world if you are all? How can water help the water, or fire the fire? Be very careful! Behind the apparent will or desire of helping the world or others, your vanity, greed and complacency hide undisturbed. Being anonymous and working from within is the most powerful and compelling way to improve the world and uplift every human being.



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Elio D'Anna

Elio D'Anna


Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer