Economy is the Art of Dreaming

Berlino photo courtesy Clelia Mosca

Economy is the art of dreaming. The capacity to transform the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ and then into inevitable. Digging the Suez Channel was impossible…… building the Eiffel Tower…… going from West to find East…… what Columbus did, was crazy. To eliminate the apartheid, to set India free, to imagine the United States, and even to fly was impossible… But unless you start dreaming, inventing Icarus and the myth of flight, the Wright brothers would never even exist.

With the beginning of the Industrial Age, the whole of humanity was subjected to “speciation”, an evolutionary process by which new species are born, the new “employee race” appeared, a human group of planetary dimensions that for a multitude of organizations is willing to accept the terrifying conditions of existence and bear the pain of being subordinated.

Generation after generation, by means of genetic and cultural processes, somatic and behavioural transformations that took place, similar to the ones that occur during domestication and livestock taming: muscle relaxation, adiposity, flabby abdomen, limb and cranial base shortening. Convinced that economy would always be based on servile labour, that the world would always need billions of employees, in offices and factories, as modern transposition of cotton plantations, would have continued to require compulsory labour, every day in schools and universities youngsters have been exposed to one global educative message: trained on how to depend on, all schools and all universities of the world perpetuate and spread the old way of thinking. Legions of young people prepared in schools without love and without freedom, add themselves to the sad army of the adults and perpetuate the professions and the roles available in an economy fueled by pain and fear.

A new phenomenon is occurring in recent years and accelerated by the pandemic we are experiencing in recent months.

The economical battles in the scenario of the planetary war of competition are no longer won by corps of slaves and mercenaries. Subordinate labour is diminishing and our era is facing with apprehension the increase of unemployment throughout the western world. It became a structural phenomenon and according to our considerations it indicates that this is the decline of a long white-collar era and the dawn of an era with more freedom for men.

This message is so good that if anything we should worry if it was on the contrary.

The very first lesson of any class in Economics all around the world starts with this statement: “Resources are limited and Economy is the science of managing limited resources.” Resources are not limited, humanity as we know it is limited. Man’s psychology is limited.

Ordinary man is not used to following his intuition, nor is he encouraged to do so. The school of the future has to eliminate more than to add on. To eliminate old structures, rusted concepts, obsolete ideas, to abandon preconceived notions, false sentiments, imaginary fears and identification, to destroy negative emotions, destructive thoughts and the very idea that has been rooted in every man since childhood: the inevitability of death.

A real School should exist to bring together dreamers regardless of nationality, color, belief and wealth, to concentrate on the most important subject of study — oneself. The most concrete result of knowing oneself is the realization that the world is your own projection, the world is how you dream it.

Economy is the reflection of man’s way of thinking and feeling, of his convictions, and of his system of values. As long as the psychology of man remains ill, then war, poverty, crime and pain will continue to be the founding pillars of the world’s economy.

Students of a real School will be distinguished for their ability to think in ‘levels’ and not by contrast. The work done in the School should prepare them for a work of transformation of thought: from a conflict-ridden consciousness to an inner state of integrity, from an empirical, reactive man to an intuitive, creative being.

It is time for the second education to appear in all schools and universities, and give new directions to the world about economics and financial power.

An education that will teach that all comes from within — that all that you see and touch, right or wrong, good or evil, is just a projection of an invisible, powerful world, that abides right inside you.

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer