Interviewing Elio D’Anna — Author of “School for Gods” Masterpiece

The Story of how I met Elio D’Anna, the Author of my favorite Personal Development Masterpiece: “School for Gods”

Hi there, this is Joanna Vaiou.

In this interview I was asked what is my favorite book: “School for Gods” it was.

I had to interview Elio D’Anna since I have started my own Leadership Column where I share other people’s inspirational, educational and motivational insights, messages and stories.

The most natural thing for me at that moment, was to invite Elio D’Anna for an online interview as I personally got so powerful and liberating insights from Elio’s book.

So every time the chance arises and I whenever I see potential in people who don’t even see it themselves yet, I recommend this book (offline and online).

“Bet on yourself and life will bet on you.”, Elio writes.

I carry his words with me every moment.

I never forget or neglect to bet on myself first.

I am very touched that life brought us together with Elio, through the power of social media and love to share our experiences and wealth of our beings.

The above event resulted in this interview, where I asked Elio few questions which he answered next…

Enjoy him!

Childhood Dream — Elio, hi and welcome! Did you know when you were younger that you’d become an author, and more so, a Best Selling Author?

I was a musician… I studied flute, and I became famous and successful at just 16, and I had to study and work.

Working was not work for me…I enjoyed it.

I tell you this just to try to convey to you the way how we can sustain success — bear success… victory in our lives.

There is no technique, there is not any discipline outside ourselves that can make us successful.

You are the one who moves the threads of the world.

Think about the quantum jump!

Whatever I did in life, I received many attacks and had many enemies, but I learned how to transform this to my advantage, and I would like to convey this to you.

You will meet many difficulties in life especially if you want to become a leader.

A leader is someone who renews himself in every moment.

Someone who runs fast and no one and nothing outside can destroy him, if he knows how to deal with himself, within himself.

What Inspired you to write “School for Gods” book?

This book is your inner history.

The story of everyone on earth that goes through his/her own ups and downs, victories and defeats, success and failure.

“School for Gods” is not the story of outer events and circumstances but the story of inner states that tells about the possible evolution of man — an inner arduous journey that each of us is doing to reveal his/her own buried hidden, forgotten integrity.

The characters have been borrowed for the sole purpose of giving visibility to the invisible.

“School for Gods” is based on the true story of personal venture to re-conquer the integrity of the protagonist.

Everything starts as he meets the ‘ Dreamer’, who tells him that he has to overturn his vision of the world- he says that the outer world a man lives in is nothing but the mirror of his inner world, and that the outer events that happen to him are only reflections of his inner being, or in His words:

‘the world is such, because you are such’ — ‘states are events’ — ‘vision and reality are one and the same thing’.

The Dreamer says that the outer world is the materialization of our inner states, of our feelings, thoughts and emotions, and that a man can hence change the outer reality that surrounds him, and with it the course of his destiny by intervening on and modifying his inner states.

I called it “The Technology of The Dreamer” that is also the title of my new book.

How do you justify your Book’s massive success? Do you think people from all around the world are more inclined to look inside to find answers, courage and strength to actively improve their lives?

I believe the main reason the Books has been so popular worldwide, is because everyone can identify with the protagonists and everyone would love to meet the Dreamer.

The integrity of the Dreamer is something that lies hidden and forgotten or buried in the innermost recesses of every being, but very few have the courage to touch that part of themselves — to touch what is really able to change the world.

“You came here to learn how to dream a new dream.

It is a revolution that will turn upside down your old, narrow vision with its dreary projections which you have nurtured for so many years.

Wars, disease, misery and death will disappear from this planet if you understand that all comes from within and that all can be changed through a new dream — a powerful movement that will give birth to a brand new reality.”

What is more important to you, fame and glory, money or happiness?

Quality creates quantity.

The level of your inner freedom determines your financial fortune.

If you want to be rich you have to hold all your attention were the only freedom in the universe comes from: your own inner being.

The quality of your being makes you rich.

The hobby of humanity in the future will be self-improvement, personal improvement.

Universities and Schools will multiply to educate man, especially in economics and business and everything from the pureness of the soul and of the body, kindness, justice, loyalty, forgiveness and gratitude.

The values that have been neglected must be nourished in this direction: values such as courage, sincerity, truth.

Believing in ourselves, in our capabilities and developing them in order to improve ourselves.

Our System of values coincides with our economic destiny.

This is true for an individual, for an organization, for a country, for a civilization.

The richer our system of values, the richer our economy will be.

This is the Inner Economy: the answer to all and everything.

Which are the strongest messages you’d like to share with the rest of the world today?

You are happening in the world… nothing other than You, YourSelf.

Everything will happen in the Now that you are capable of sustaining…


The future of the world is in your hands.

Don’ t worry about the future.

Don’ t worry about the past.

Worry only about the Nowness.

In the vertical time, which is the real time, only creative Victory exists.

If you win Now, you have won in all directions and forever.

Be timelessness, be fearlessness, be thoughtlessness, stop dying within.

What are your near future plans? Are you working on some new projects or manifesting something new these days the world should know?

In economics, as in politics, nations need to prepare a new generation of leaders, capable of bringing solutions to the world… men and women free of all ideologies or superstitions, capable of mastering “the Art of Dreaming”.

Cells of a new healed humanity, that represent the true wealth of every nation.

The founding of a School ESE in your country, is a revolution.

Its programs are to provide a unique journey towards the revelation of inner unity and will, creating pragmatic dreamers, philosophers of action — the most strategic resource for an individual, for a corporation, for a nation.

This noble endeavor will produce a new breed of leaders who will be capable of harmonizing financial power and love, of approaching business as if they were serving a cause — with skill, energy, morality, in one word — integrity.

The very aim of opening a branch of European School of Economics in every town, both eastern and western, is the total elimination of the unemployment, illiteracy and poverty from this planet.

“Win it before it happens”.

Victory is Now and not in time.

All that you are seeking, desiring, hoping, wishing, expecting, all that you need — energy, strength, fame, success, possessions, solutions, healing, knowledge or understanding, all comes from within — everything is inside yourself and nowhere else.

In this very moment you have the key for opening the Doors of Victory.

Inner economy is the answer and the solution to all crisis.

Economy like politics is an inner matter.

Any external revolution, be it social, political or economical, can only increase misery and suffering, and perpetuate without remedy, crisis, conflicts and violence.

If the world is really as you dream it — if the world is truly an extension of your inner being, as I believe it is, then you can be certain that there is an impeccable economy within man that, once revealed, will change and govern the world at will….. in harmony and prosperity.

“The slightest change in your being moves mountains and projects yourself as a giant in the world of events.”

This is the Inner Economy: the answer to all and everything.

Author Bio

Elio D’Anna is a best-selling author, philosopher, economist, and entrepreneur, poet and musician.

He is the President and the Founder of European School of Economics which today has six centers in the world including:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Madrid
  4. Rome
  5. Florence
  6. Milan

Pioneer in the world of music and visionary entrepreneur, he has founded leading enterprises in sectors that range from education to hospitality, from entertainment to technology.

Elio D’Anna underlines the urgency of recognizing a Revolutionary Right yet to be sanctioned by a “Charter” nor championed by manifests or movements in any country:

“I affirm the inalienable Right of young people to Dream and to see their dreams come true”.

The ESE mission is preparing in the worlds of politics and economics, a new generation of leaders:

  1. incorruptible men
  2. pragmatic dreamers
  3. able to harmonize the apparent age-old antagonisms — economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial power and love

Website Resources

  1. (Official website)
  2. (European School of Economics)
  3. (Hospitality Relais & Châteaux)
  4. (Aria Art Gallery)



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Elio D'Anna

Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer