Keep the work alive

From ‘The Technology of The Dreamer’

The Work must be kept alive!

To do this you have to think of it constantly and realize how difficult it is to remember and apply its principles and ideas, and how easy it is to forget everything and fall back to where you were when you first met the Dreamer.

In the midst of life, surrounded by all the troubles and difficulties, you have to practice self-awareness.

In the midst of all the activities and affairs, you have to practice non identifying — you have to observe and separate yourself from your negative emotions.

In the midst of all the hurts and attacks of daily life, you have to practice self-forgiveness, and realize that your inner states are the very cause of anything happening in the world — the very root of all disasters and calamities, war and crime of which humanity is suffering.

So, stop blaming the others for all your misfortunes.

The others have no fault at all but only the ungrateful task of mirroring your inner fragmentation and affliction.

Stop complaining for anything that doesn’t reflect your expectations and needs.

Stop condemning the world for its violence and injustice, the only violence existing in the world comes from your inner conflicts and limitation.

Stop self-justifying and face all your fears.

Be totally responsible for every word, thought, emotion or action coming from you or others, and for each and every event or circumstance that may appear in the outer world.



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