Live the Instant

Taken from “The Technology of the Dreamer”

“I am a jealous God”, says Elhoim, the God of the Old Testament.

The highest part of us demands all our attention, all our devotion, all our love. This means ‘loving oneself inside’.
He who does not love himself kills himself inside and finally finds a way to be killed from outside.
We don’t understand… we look for explanations… but the explanation is time.

How does time explain the absence of time?

How does it tell eternity?

We learn to recapitulate and the return of the Prodigal Son is our personal reintegration. The New Testament is the Book of wholeness, its object is the healing of being. In every line, in every word of it, is contained the timeless message of unity, of wholeness, as the true end of every human parable.

The man of goodwill is the man who seeks his wholeness, he is the shepherd who retrieves the lost sheep, the woman who finds the lost drama, he is the Samaritan who heals the wounds of the abandoned wayfarer.

He is the one who loves the enemy, the one who turns the other cheek, the one who even gives up his cloak to the one who asks for his tunic. And so all the blind, the lame, the lepers and the mute are emblems of an incomplete humanity in search of its own completeness.

The gospels are impeccably stretched to this great purpose: to teach the way to the unity of being, to that inner compactness that in them is called faith and that makes men capable of impossible feats.
This is the real doing and the transformation happens here, now.

True victory, creative victory involves the totality of being, takes place in this body, lasts forever…
The moment is not fleeting. We are the creators, the creators of the whole, in this very instant.

This is the magic, the beauty.

It is the instant that governs the whole.
It is the instant that contains the whole.

The instant is eternity.

What you are now you have always been and will always be. Yet before this instant nothing has ever happened. The instant is virginity. Only the awareness of the instant can free you from the trap of time, from the deception of memory.

The world has never existed before, and only You, in this very instant, can give it form, life, meaning.



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