The body

What happens when we do not respect the laws that govern life, our body and consequently the world around us
Reflections on personal health and well-being during the pandemic

Human beings have always believed that they were impotent and helpless on this earth, and that they needed a higher power to face the challenge of Life, but they didn’ t know what that source really was.

Remember! Man is a self-developing organism — he contains within himself all the power to produce a complete new body and project in the world of events a brand new reality.

He has to take on immortality as his own nature and true heritage.

The purpose of your Life is to sustain the entire Universe in comfort, order, pleasure, health and peace. You are the Root of the Universe. The entire world is filled with your creative energy, healing, intelligence and Immortality.

But heaven on earth cannot be realised until society, politics and economics are dominated and governed by your inner being. Through self-government you can govern and control governments, wars, military armaments, police, revolutions, and bring peace, joy, health and prosperity to all people in the world.

The inner realization that everything comes from within and has to have your own consent to manifest, makes all the events and circumstances happen only for your advantage and growth. On the contrary, if you believe that your world is an entity living outside yourself, you, like billions of people, in eons of time, have to go through all troubles and difficulties, aging and disease, to one day understand that you are the very one who emanates this world you believe to be external.

Whatever happens in your body happens to the world. The world is as you are, and you are this body:

This birthless Deathless Body.

Your physical body has to become the most pleasurable place to be so that the miraculous, the inconceivable, the most wondrous can manifest before your very eyes.

There is a blueprint of Immortality in your body which you have to keep alive and active all the time.

They always rejected the body, and searched elsewhere for the answer. And the answer was always the same: Stop dying! Every instant you compromise with the external, you die a little. So free yourself from all the ties that bind you, and get rid of the idea that death is invincible.

You have to realize that physical Immortality is the true state and that death is a lie — that the body is indistructable and made to live forever.

Cells never have to die! In every moment we can inject immortality into ourselves and those around us… Express immortality to yourselves and those around you. Never die inside… never die in your body. In order to win death you have to cultivate the idea that the body is indestructible and that death is not inevitable. And so, you have to apply the principles of inner integrity and fearlessness to your physical body and learn thus the youthing process the same way you have learned the ageing-dying process.

To be physically immortal means to stop death working in your own body, to do that you have to eliminate its possibility completely from all your cells. Physical immortality means living I the Now without limits — without beginning and without end. Physical Immortality means taking responsibility for your flesh and making your stand now to keep it forever. It means never dying, never degrading … It is not that you become invulnerable or unkillable, but that you leave no space in yourself for death in any form.

The issue is not being alive, it is being so alive that you cannot die!

Feel yourself living Forever rather than living for death. Physical Immortality is the only alternative to death. You have the right to live to your full capacity without limitations or disease — poverty ageing or death.

We are here to become immortal — this is our only real occupation.

The idea that death is inevitable casts your inner being into the unascapable prison of fear, self-destructiveness, pain, misery and failure.

It causes disease and consumption of your physical body, projects violence, persecution and war into the world around, and is the very source of all cruelty, human degradation and death itself.

The world is neither real nor unreal,

neither good nor bad,

neither happy nor unhappy,

neither in war nor peace.

The world is simply all that you want it to be.

Deathlessness has to be the only principle guiding the new man. The new man will have no creed, no faith, no religion, but deathlessness has to be his law, and understanding has to be his order.

Without religion, without politics, the entire planet will be filled of peace, intelligence, silence and love. The economy of your personal energy-body is the key to physical health and world’ s justice, peace and prosperity.

Every disease is a healing crisis that teaches you something special.

Every disease contains in itself the seed of greater benefit.

Every disease is a further step towards a higher order of responsibility.

Each disease hides the secret of youthing and longevity.

Each disease is an inner victory which brings you closer

to realize that ‘living forever’ is not only possible, but inevitable


What do you mean by ‘you have it because you love it’? I’ve been sick for two years now… they’ve diagnosed me with cancer. I have travelled and met all kind of doctors, healers and shamans. I’ve been through all kinds of therapy to get rid of it. Are you saying that I wanted this to happen to me? That I wanted to be sick with cancer?

The Dreamer

You are not sick with cancer…. Your real sickness is more serious… it is arrogance, hypocrisy, forgetfulness. Your mind is filled with the ballast of years and years of wrong thinking and negative emotions. You blame others for your apparent misfortune, still believing that the world ‘out there’ is an objective reality and that you are the victim of forces beyond your control. You fail to see the real causes of your condition deep within yourself and therefore to understand that no help can ever come from something or someone outside yourself.


What should I do?

The Dreamer

Abandon everything and think only of saving yourself… from yourself. You come here to die to yourself, to face your own lies… and you do not know when, or if, you will go back where you came from.

You have spent your whole life, years and years of sacrifice and exasperated effort, to end up in this condition… You have moved mountains to get this close to eliminating yourself. You could say you are a man who succeeds in failing, in killing himself. The world is full of phantoms like you.

Observe yourself! Look how satisfied you are as you dose your drops of medicine into a glass of water, as you gulp down some pills. How ostentatiously you let the ones around you, your family, friends and colleagues watch you. Observe your joy as you go on your pilgrimage to the doctors, to ancient and modern medicine men, searching for a cure that you don’t want.

Men like you, for a long time, have chosen death as the way out. But death is never a solution. You should never avoid, suppress or deny the trying condition of sickness, but accept it as a healing power and use it for your inner work of transformation.

You came here looking for a miracle, for someone that could take you out of your dying condition, but no help can come from outside. Healing is an act of will and no prayer or penitence can substitute it.

The Body and the world are one in the same thing

In the body, as in the world, we receive symptoms as the last signals of something missing, lacking — of something incomplete which is crying for completeness, which is crying for unity, for healing, for perfection.

This body is indestructible. We ourselves allow this body to be destroyed. The very thoughts and feeling we impose upon the body are creators of ageing disease, failure and death. Whatever happens in your body happens to the world. The world is as you are, and you are this body: This birthless Deathless Body.

There is no incurable disease except those you acknowledge to be such.

There is no situation in Life that cannot be changed if you realize that you yourself are the source of all that happens to you.

The ultimate aim of illness is healing. The illness is pointing out the way to happiness, certainty, security, and safety.

The symptoms are signs that indicate the path to healing … The illness is the cure. Any attempt to eliminate the symptom, as all medicine does, is ignorance; along with the symptom the opportunity for a superior cure is eliminated.

Cutting out a gland or an organ through surgery, is a crime. Cutting out a part of the body when it is inflamed it is like removing a fire detector because you don’ t like to hear it ring every time there is a fire. Live with your pain, study it, learn from it… keep it close like a friend and listen to its counsel.



Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer

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Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer