The Will to Love Yourself Inside

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Love yourself inside

Impregnate your being with this vibration:

the will to love yourself inside, to love yourself unceasingly.

Loving yourself inside is remembering the most real part of yourself. It is the only thing to do, and the only activity for a man who has understood he must constantly transcend himself. Loving oneself inside is the fusion of all the scattered particles into one single entity. And the world reflects the attainment of this oneness.

We call it a victory.

It is a primitive way of expressing oneself, but if language can’t make it, it is a way to understand each other. Words are time, and like everything that belongs to time are false. There is a superior — higher language that does not refer itself to the external, that does not have to transmit to the others any truth. It is an internal communication addressed to oneself — a complete turn-around.

Who loves himself inside cannot get lost in identification with the world — he contains it and is not contained by it. When the distance between you and yourself grows, the anguish you feel is the signal that you have forgotten, that you are imagining the world as a separate reality… external to yourself.

Loving yourself inside is living a state of innocence, a state of grace, of understanding. It is an apparently boring condition, in which it seems nothing happens compared to the world, where the activities seem so varied and interesting.

We’re afraid of accepting such a cold, detached vision towards the external reality, events, and history. Just watch what is happening in religion, and even more so in politics where there is no longer right or left and rationality is crumbling.

They all seem to have fallen into a state of confusion, almost anarchic, where the positions are no longer distinguishable and no one says anything. It is all so weak, unstable, fragile…

a game of light and shadows that throughout time, in history reveals itself to be false; and in the end, everything remains unresolved. And yet, forgetfulness — the ghosts govern our lives and become the very reason for our existence. How easy it is to slip into uniformity, into wanting to be like the others…

be with the others…

share their ills as their ephemeral enthusiasms…

Solitude is frightening.

The world doesn’t need your help, but desperately, your change.

The entire world needs for you to understand otherwise everything degenerates, degrades. But for who remains lucid and firm in self-remembering, for who loves himself inside, even the confusion of the world — that anarchy where everything is apparently rebelling and wanting to escape from composing itself into a unity, appears to be a movement of fusion, towards a higher level of integrity.

When you have become the solution, problems can no longer manifest. When you have won inside, you are the healing of all and everything; there is no longer a world that contrasts you, the antagonist disappears, and victory comes before the battle. This is Doing.

Victory is not over someone or something. Victory is a state of being that has to become permanent.

A state able to eliminate every war, catastrophe, the conflict inside and out, because everything comes from you and needs your consent to manifest (come into being). It’s enough to remember this: everything originates here — everything comes from within you, to find yourself instantly spotless.

The world walks with you… follows and reflects that which you are. We can fix the world through loving ourselves inside — a state of innocence, victory, and totality of being …absence of death. There is no technology more advanced for putting things in order.

Many believe that the world does not ’work’, and so try to bring solutions to the others, thinking to resolve their problems, to heal their illnesses, to help them. In reality, there is no one to help and no situation that requires your intervention. Think how much vulgarity and emotional debris are eliminated through this realization.

Guilt, victim consciousness, false love for others, are all swept away at once together with all the philanthropic organizations and humanitarian organizations founded on false altruism.

We are compelled to help that beggar or anyone in need for the sake of our unconscious fear of finding ourselves in that condition and the hope of finding help. While you fear this eventuality you are already laying the grounds for this very thing to happen. At the moment in which you are giving aid, you find yourself covered in his rags and you are in his place begging.

You tell yourself: I’ll never be in that state of need!’ (but your very thought has already put you there). Don’t help anyone! It is the most concrete and direct aid that you can give to a world that has fallen into disgrace.

Beware! Even sex can put us into a state of dependence — like beggars. Everything that is gratifying and that gratifies you… pays you… (and so) controls you…

It’s the same with death. When you die inside it’s visible outside. In the Dreamer’s world, there is no death, no conflicts, and neither poverty because He has eliminated them from inside.

Do you think this can make us cynical and mean? A whole person cannot be cynical or mean towards others. At the moment in which you believe in an ‘otherness’, in someone outside yourself, you fall into the inferno of duality into the world of accidents and conflicts.



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