What is Fair and What is Unfair?

Artwork by Sossio Mosca all image rights reserved

These words are a message that a man of integrity spreads out into space, tearing the veil of time to allow a lower, disintegrated humanity to re-member, to put together its scattered limbs and, for a few moments, savour immortality.

To become a prisoner and victim of time, your dream has to lower, lose brightness, become opaque, and burdened.

Only in the ‘Now’ you can have moments of freedom in which you understand that the world is a pale shadow of your “dream,” and live throughout time everything that happens in absence of time. Your dream to become reality has to unfold, breach the walls of space and time, cross the oceans of fear and face the uncharted desert of doubt.

This is a marvellous Game at your disposal

Be vigilant! To fully possess yourself you must learn to seek out and touch your inner pain. Everyone and everything is working for you to this end. The world is a beautiful show that you yourself have staged — a marvellous Game at your disposal where you are the winner and the loser, creator and created, the writer and author of all that happens.

What is fair and what is unfair?

An entire family being slaughtered in the middle of the night without any reason.

Pulling the plug on a dying man in the name of euthanasia.

A dictator — merciless assassin, responsible for the death of thousands, being sentenced to death.

Floods and earthquakes wiping away entire villages and thousands of people.

Remember! Everything under the jurisdiction of time is false. Time Magazine, The Chronicle, 60 Minutes, Today, Good Morning America, Sole 24 ore, the New York Times, World News Tonight, CNN, FOX News, all instruments of time and communicators of death that you, yourself have produced for your own entertainment — an amusing comedy, an extraordinary game that you yourself have turned into a concentration camp — creating history to delineate a territory of death, and marking its boundaries with your memory as a wild animal does with its urine.

Apparently, memory gives you certainty and security, but like all that has beginning and an end, a birth and a death, it will leave you sooner or later in the middle of nowhere.

What a fantasy! What an imagination! What a performance! All that which is history, all that which is time, all that which is memory has never happened and can never happen except in your imagination. History is a nightmare that you impose on yourself to justify your lack of will and freedom, and perpetuate your own limits, fear, forgetfulness and death. History is an addiction you would never know how to live without.

Q: Are you saying that news reports and broadcasts are false?

Not only are they false, because “false” is a distortion of what is real… but they have never happened — they are your pure invention.

Q.: What should we do then? Stop reading newspapers? Stop listening to broadcasts? Or what?

Continue to read and listen to them as before, but conscious of the fact that all that stuff is not coming from the world outside but from your own compromised inner being trapped like a spider in its web. Learn then to discern. Learn how to believe without believing. Learn how to exorcise your self-fulfilling prophecy of disaster.

You have to see the whole movement of life, apparently obscure and conflictual, as a marvellous single, unitary process.

Religions, ideologies, sciences, arts, businesses, all the revolutions, wars, terrorism and crime, the endless human divisions, disorders and sorrow, seen from above are the various expressions of a single movement dictated by your inner unity. Seen from below, they appear as the atrocious and painful reflex images of your fragmented being.

It all depends upon you. When your vision brightens and intensifies, your outer reality can only express the same thing.

Light, order, beauty and perfection are the inevitable creation of a world seen from above.



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Elio D'Anna

Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer https://linktr.ee/eliodanna