What is the message of the pandemic for me, for us, for the world?

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A question coming from a person very close to me

All tragedies, disasters, wars and crimes, are just a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom — a lie; a make-believe story created by man’s gloomy fantasy to justify his impotence in front of the unknown — his lack of knowledge in front of the abyss of his own being. The virus, like all sufferings and bloodsheds in the world, is part of that illusory description that you call reality.

You sit hypnotized in front of your television, your phone, your computer screen as the News Media spout their lies about a global pandemic, believing that they are telling you what is really happening in the world, when they are only telling you about your inner states and conditions. They are only telling you what you want them to tell you.

When you will be conscious of the fact that what you see in the news is not coming from the world outside but from your own dark, compromised inner being trapped like a spider in its own web, you will learn to discern — you will learn how to “believe without believing;“ learn how to exorcise your self-fulfilling prophecy of disaster; learn how to laugh at your own deadly creativity and act your role in life as an actor does on a movi-set, impeccably and intentionally, without ever forgetting that behind all this performance there is you yourself — the Dreamer — creator, sustainer and transformer of all and everything.

When you recognise that the virus is not something happening externally, but within yourself, you will learn to let it be. This will make you real and the world safe.

The sorrow you see outside is due to your having forgotten your own Being, having given reality to the picture on the screen. But you have made this world and you can change it. The reason why you don’t understand this, is because you believe that you are in the world and not that the world is in you. Taking appearance for reality is a mortal error and the very cause of all calamities.

In an external disaster, only those who refuse to understand will be destroyed. Your inner states and attitudes determine whether the great cycles of nature are going to kill you or take you to a new dimension, to a higher level of understanding where all human horrors, diseases, wars, poverty and death, will cease to exist.

Then, before the outside world is destroyed by your politicians, media, priests and scientists, enter into your inner world alone and touch your forgotten integrity. It is the only safety left, the only shelter against any viruses and evil, against any terrorism and nuclear war…. against global suicide. The power of being present inside, projects a place where there are no divisions, no conflicts, no boundaries between yourself and the others.

Where suffering is, your blindness is its very cause, and where conflicts are, your suffering is their very root.

To have another world you have to change your dream, and this is the most difficult task.

Your healing will be humanity’s healing and your integrity will be the salvation of the entire world.



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