What schools don’t teach you

Elio D'Anna
2 min readMar 6, 2020

All schools and universities teach you how to be ‘something’ without telling you how to ‘Do’.

We think it is the result of a series of events, circumstances without ever touching any of these, but if you recognize your being as the very root of all that happens to you, then you can change something. Then you have the power to change the world around you (outer reality) you can change the representation of the very cause of existence, but you have to touch the root and the dream that makes them exist.

Nothing happens outside yourself without your inner approval. Nothing.

But we do not understand what this means. If you observe outer reality….if you could look from above you would see that whatever you encounter has been generated from within…but you are not used to this proactivity…You think the world outside you is against you, against your desires, aspirations, truths. I call your attention to this relationship between the inner and the outer worlds. You must realize that the two worlds are not two separate realities but just one.

You have been trained and educated to identify only with the external world and neglect the inner one believing that it is not necessary to give attention to something no one can see, no one can feel..there have been great lengths taken to convince you that the invisible world which is your being, has no influence upon the outer world, so you completely ignore it believing it has nothing to do with real’ facts.’ So you stop feeding it.

You neglect yourself so have to learn external techniques and disciplines to be able to deal with the others to make business to write books…and further avoid giving attention and food to this inner word which is nourished by some substance that the outer world can never provide. This lack of attention, this lack of life within yourself, transforms this inner space into a very dark place and it becomes darker and darker, and our outer reality, which is totally created by our inner world starts to bend and degrade -becoming the obscure expression of that neglect. This is why what you call reality merely degrades, ages and dies.

If you understand that all comes from within, you are the creator of the world you are living in , then we have a chance….. Thus the realization that all comes from within changes completely your outer world.



Elio D'Anna

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